What To Do If Your Coupon is REJECTED!

Alea's Deals What To Do If Your Coupon is REJECTED!

What To Do If Your Coupon is REJECTED!

Everyone who has ever couponed has had the dreaded “it won’t scan” moment with coupons. But what do you do if that happens? How do you know if it’s the coupon, the cashier or a combination of both? Here are some things you can do to make the situation go smoothly.

Double Check the Coupon

Before you even get up to the checkout double check your coupons and read the fine print. Make sure you have the right item, the right size and the right quantity before you ever scan it. This can save you lots of trouble in the long run. Trying to beat the system is never a good idea and is wrong.

It’s All Good

If the cashier rejects the coupon, or it doesn’t scan, and you know it’s a match politely show the cashier why it’s a match and that everything is good. If that doesn’t work then move on to Plan B.

Ask for A Manager

If everything is definitely correct and you are still getting nowhere then ask to see a manager. Remain polite and calm at all times. If the manager refuses to allow it to go through then you have two options.

Wind It Up

You can ask them to take the item off or pay for it and then go to customer service and get a refund. You want to try and not hold up the lines any longer than necessary and you always want to be polite and maintain good relationships with your store when possible.

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