7 Easy Steps To Become a Couponer

Alea's Deals 7 Easy Steps To Become a Couponer

These tips and tricks will help new couponers learn how to save money.

As a beginner, learning about grocery store coupons can be a daunting task Which ones will help save the most money? Where can I find the best grocery store coupons? Am I doing this right? These are just a few questions new couponers ask when looking for tips on grocery store coupons.

1. Subscribe to more than one Sunday paper

You’re not reading it for the news, but for the coupons instead and if you find that one Sunday paper has more coupons than others, you might want to get a second subscription. However, make sure the cost of the newspaper does not outweigh your projected coupon savings.

2. Join a store loyalty program

Most grocery stores and shopping centers have a customer loyalty program that anyone can join. Since it’s so easy to sign up, there’s no excuse for not getting in on the coupon action.

3. Grow familiar with couponing policies

Can you use more than one coupon per product? Will the coupon work if the item is on sale? Does this store even accept coupons? By learning about the coupon policies at the places you shop, you can make your coupon experience that much more effective.

4. Acknowledge expiration dates

Some stores might let you get around the coupon expiration dates, but most coupons expire within 30 days after their issue date. Know the policies so you can have a smoother shopping experience.

5. Shop at multiple locations

Yes this might take time. And yes it’s probably a bit of a hassle. But if you’re interested in saving money with coupons, shopping at more than one store is the most effective method.

6. Use overages to get free items

When a coupon is worth more than the product, stores consider that an overage. Most stores, but not all will give your credit for your coupon as you walk away with a free item. Not all stores are okay with this, so make sure to adhere to the policy.

7. Stock up during sales

When something you always need like toilet paper, toothpaste or tomato sauce is on sale and you have coupons, stock up! With coupons you’ll be able to save cash and avoid returning to the store to purchase the same item.

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