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How to Earn a FREE Christmas in 2020

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Want to take the pain out of the holidays? By starting NOW you can be doing surveys and save up that money for holiday spending.

NOTE: Surveys are NOT some get rich quick thing, there isn’t some golden pot of $100 surveys. Sure those happen, but they are very very very few and far between. Here are some good ones that we have found, along with realistic earning potential based on a survey of our readers!

  1. ONE OPINION (click here): Most readers who are doing this one daily report earning about $25-50 per month. With 6 months until the holidays, that puts the potential earnings by Christmas at about $150-$300 – KA-CHING! (NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS)
  2. OPINION OUTPOST (click here): One reader chimed in that with consistency she was about to earn $5 every 2-3 days with Opinion Outpost (not to be confused with One Opinion above) that works out to about $60 per month – with 6 months left that is a potential $360 you could have in the Christmas Fund.
  3. INSTAGC (click here): We had one reader report earning $200 a month consistently on this one.  They do have a new YOUR SURVEYS that pay 70 cents each and you can do them daily. If you do all 10 per day that is $7 a day – so that puts you at about $210 a month. 6 months until Christmas – there is $1200
  4. NCP PANEL (click here):
  5. PRODUCT REPORT CARD: With Product Report Card you register for FREE and influence products and service decisions by sharing your opinion. With every survey you complete, you work your way to earning free cash and gift cards. If you’re selected for Product Testing, you get to keep the item in most cases. Recently, 20 of our readers got to test and keep the new WiFi enabled Keurig!
  6. SWAG BUCKS (click here): This one we really haven’t posted much, but when asking about what panels are working best for our readers, this one came up repeatedly. One reader stated that she earned $50-70 a month consistently with this one. They have a $10 signup bonus when you sign up too! With 6 months until holiday this one could earn $300+ if you put in the time to make it happen.
  7. PINECONE RESEARCH (click here): This one is a harder panel to get accepted into BUT they do pay $3.00 minimum per survey, and yes they will actually mail out $3 checks. It is consistently one of the best rated on the internet, but again, it isn’t the easiest one to get accepted into. One reader stated she earns about $13-20 a month with Pinecone, with 6 months until Christmas that would be about $90 – if you can replicate those results. (NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS)
  8. Survey Junkie (click here): This is one that recently caught our eye because they offer product testing, and people seem to really love that. But as the name implies they also offer surveys. One reader stated that she earned $267 in a month on this one. I am not sure how easy it will be to replicate that, but it would be a whopping $1500+ if the cadence remained the same and she was able to keep it going 6 months.
  9. QUICKTHOUGHTS APP (search your app store): This one keeps coming up again and again as well as a recommended site. One reader posted that she consistently earns $10 a week on this one. Figure $40 a month, 6 months until Christmas, and that could be $240 towards the holiday shopping.

NOTE: One thing to keep in mind about survey companies, is some that one person may love, another person may hate. One Opinion is consistently one of our readers favorites, but we still have people who view that one negatively and hate it. 

When doing these kinds of things, you will want to join and play around. See which one fits YOU best and which one YOU like the most. The more you are enjoying it, the better the results are going to be. Don’t look at this as something of dread (you will give it up quickly) look at it as something to pass the time, and you will find the results are much better for you 🙂


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