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Couponing 101!

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Couponing does not take as much time as what you might think!

  • You DO NOT have to spend 40 hours a week to coupon. Don’t stress yourself over the time you think you have to spend.
  • What you must do is turn your thinking cap on, take a deep breath and pay attention. We will lay it all out for you, but you will need to take this seriously if you truly want to learn how to work magic in the store like the pro’s do.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions, because this is how you learn. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked!

Would you like to get paid for your time? Would you like to get paid to purchase grocery items that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars? Here is how…

  • You can save up to 80% or more of what you are currently paying in the grocery store.
  • So, if a family of 4 normally spends $150 a week on groceries that is $600 a month. If you save 80% of that $600 your grocery bill will shrink to $120 a month with a total savings of $480 a month.
  • If you spend 6 hours a week planning trips, cutting/clipping, organizing and shopping sales, you are essentially getting paid $480 a month for 24 hours of work or $20 an hour just to plan shopping trips.
  • Just imagine all of the things you can do with a $480 savings every month. That is a savings of $5760 a year!!!! You build a stockpile in your home and with the savings, take a nice vacation, pay off some bills, pay rent/mortgage, car payment or build a nice nest egg!

There are 3 types typical of shoppers. Which one are you?

  • Full Price Payer– This type does not use a list or coupons and just walks in the store and buys whatever appeals to them, they are prone to impulse buys and they do not have much savings.
  • Casual Couponer– This type doesn’t pay much attention to sales or coupons that match the sales. They buy what appeals to them and may use a few coupons here and there whenever they remember to take them to the store.
  • Sales shopper– This type of shopper uses a list, shops sales, but misses a lot of savings because they don’t utilize all coupons that are available on sale items. They save up to 40% on their trips which is not bad, but could be far BETTER!!

There is another type of shopper. This is the type you want to become! This is the….

Master Couponer”

  • This is the type of shopper that shops based solely upon sales and the coupons that are available for the sales. They visit the websites weekly to view store match-ups to plan the best deals. These shoppers visit coupon printing websites, clips coupons from Sunday papers, purchase coupons from clipping sites and takes advantage of peelies, tearpads, blinkies and store coupon flyers.
  • They are proficient in the knowledge of stacking store coupons with manufacturer coupons to maximize their savings.
  • They know the rules of stacking coupons on BOGO deals and how to seek out money makers during sales to decrease their OOP cost on their trips.
  • These types of shoppers pay ROCK BOTTOM prices for their trips everytime they step in the store!
  • This is the type of shopper that the pros are and soon it will be YOU TOO!

Examples of these types of shoppers. They all buy Pepsi products…

  • Full Price Payer”- buys 2 cases of Pepsi and pays $5.59 each regular price for a total of $11.18
  • Casual Couponer”- buys 2 cases of Pepsi and uses a peelie she found for $1/2 and pays a total of $10.18 for both cases
  • Sales Shopper”- Saw that Pepsi products are on sale B2G2 Free and bought 4 cases of Pepsi for a total of $11.18 or $2.80 each case. Not bad at all, but it could be BETTER!
  • MASTER COUPONER”- checked the websites for match-ups prior to shopping and knew what coupons were available for this particular sale. She bought 4 cases of Pepsi B2G2 Free for $11.18 and used 2- $2/2 mfq’s printables and 2- $2/2 pq from the green flyer for a total of $8 in coupons and paid $3.18 + tax for all 4 cases. That’s just 80 cents for a case of Pepsi!!!! Happy Coupon Dance out of the store!

What is Couponing?

  • Couponing is utilizing coupons that are available and matching them to store sales to get the VERY LOWEST price possible on the items that you buy to provide for your family.
  • Sales tend to go in 12 week cycles, so the object is to collect and hold coupons until products are the lowest price during the 12 week sale cycle
  • You must always buy your papers in even numbers. Why? Because BOGO sales are always the best deals and you will always need 2 coupons
  • Matching up deals and the coupons that are available from the match-up websites
  • Buying enough products to last you through the 12 week sale cycle
  • Recognizing that you must buy items when they are on sale, not just when you need them and shopping from your stockpile


Where to get your coupons:

  • Sunday papers- such as…Tampa Tribune, Tampa Bay Times or whichever Sunday paper is available in your area. Some stores carry them all week long in the instance that you can’t get your papers on Sunday. General rule of thumb is 2 papers per person in your family. It will take about 4 weeks of papers to build up your stockpile of coupons to get started.
  • Stores– you can find both SQ and MFQ in the stores. You can find peelies, hangtags, blinkies, booklets, leaflets, tearpads and flyers. If you are looking for something specific ask CS personnel, they don’t always put them out.
  • Publix– PAF (purple advantage flyer) or also known as the health and beauty flyer comes out bi-weekly and the GAF (green advantage flyer) is for grocery items and pet food supplies. These are loaded with store coupons that can be stacked with MFQ’s.
  • Always be alert on the ELC website and FB chat page for information on printable store coupons. Publix puts out coupon booklets from time to time that are also available for printing at home, we will alert you when these are available.
  • Website printables:,,, are just a few of the websites you can print from.

**Here is a shopping scenario to help you understand how to stack coupons for added savings at the cash register**

How to do a shopping trip with a Target $10/50 coupon

  • Pepsi products are B2G1 free for $5.59 each. We buy 15 cases because that will equal $55.90 before coupons. This will allow us to use a TQ for $10/50
  • ALWAYS use the $$ off coupon first!!!!15 cases of Pepsi B2G1 free @ $5.59=               $55.90
  • Use (1) $10/50 Target coupon                            –10.00=$45.90
  • Then we use (7) $2/2 PQ                                      –14.00=$31.90
  • Then we use 15 $1/1 MFQ                                      –15.00Total OOP                                                                  $16.90

That’s $16.90 + tax for 15 cases of Pepsi or $1.13 a case!!!!

How Money Makers (MM) work and how to use them to get items for FREE

Money makers are when you buy products with coupons that exceed the value of the product. I will use a common Sundown vitamin deal for this example.

**A negative balance means $$ back to YOU on a giftcard for later use in the store!!!

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