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7 Everyday Items You Can Stop Buying to Save Money

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7 Everyday Items You Can Stop Buying to Save Money

Convenience items can get expensive. You’re paying more for the convenience and smaller packaging than you need to. If you started cutting back, you might find that you have more money to spend on things you really need, or even have a little extra to help build up your emergency fund.

Here are seven everyday items, that most of us purchase without a second thought, that you can stop buying to save money:

1. Disinfecting Wipes
Yes, they’re handy and easy to use; they can make cleaning up germs and grime a snap, but you don’t need them. And you probably don’t need the chemicals in them either. A simple solution of a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle will do the trick for less money and a safer option. Keep a soft, reusable cloth handy to wipe up.

2. Microwave Popcorn
A jar of popcorn kernels offers so much more popcorn for the money than a package of microwave bags, and again, it’s a healthier option. You can make it in a pot on the stovetop with a little oil, pop it in an air-popper, or still easily make it in the microwave. Just pour some kernels into a brown paper bag (think “lunch bag”) or a glass bowl with a microwavable lid (like a glass plate) and microwave for 2-3 minutes until the popping almost stops.

3. Individual Drink Bottles
Buying a single bottle of soda everyday can cost as much as a coffee drink at your favorite brew house. Instead, opt for a 2-liter bottle or a 6-pack or 12-pack. It’s less expensive when you purchase in bulk. The same goes for bottled water. You can buy one bottle at the convenience store for $1.29 or a 24-pack at the grocery store for $3-$4.

4. Specific Products for Cleaning
Instead of wasting money on a bunch of different types of cleaners for different purposes, get just one multi-purpose cleaner that will clean most everything. Better yet, make your own cleaners with vinegar and water; add some essential oils for extra cleaning and fresh scents. Citrus oils are great for disinfecting and leaving a wonderful smell behind.

5. Small Trash Bags
If you’re buying large trash bags for your kitchen as well as small ones for your bathroom cans, stop. You don’t need to purchase small trash bags. Instead, recycle your plastic grocery bags; they’re the perfect size for your bathroom and office trash cans.

6. Fabric Softener
I know it feels like they make your clothes softer, but they’re really just creating a build-up of product on your clothes and towels. Instead, add a little white vinegar to your laundry. It will soften your clothes without leaving a harsh scent or any build-up behind. While you’re at it, ditch the dryer sheets for reusable dryer balls instead.

7. Disposable Razors
Would it surprise you to know that the EPA says we’re throwing out about 2 billion disposable razors a year? That’s a lot! Switch to a razor that you only need to replace the blade and can reuse the handle. It’s less expensive and better for the environment. Think they’re too expensive? Check out Dollar Shave Club for a less expensive option. Plus they come right to your mailbox!

Save yourself a bit of money by switching the way you buy and use your products. You’ll be amazed at how much you save!

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